11 Raglan NZ

Raglan, New Zealand

I made it to NZ but missed the North Island and Raglan. I’ll just have to go…

10 Chicama Peru

Chicama, Peru

The three longest left hand point breaks in the world. Raglan, NZ – Pavones, Costa Rica –…

8 south africa

South Africa

Can’t wait to visit the Indo, South African crew in their homeland. Ed, Jason, Can’t Wait!

7 staycation


Saving money till the next trip, Staycations aren’t that bad when this is about to hit!

6 Indo this month

Indonesia this month

Guday’s Warung is no longer secret, let alone even in the Jungle any more!!

1 Sayulita MX

Sayulita, Mexico

Next trip on the docket, Getting married here in Sayulita Mexico under this Cabana!