Backyard breeders dont care where their hedgehogs are going, while reputable breeders work to make sure theyre selling their hedgehogs to a good home. Tranquill Hedgies - Kristy Marson Northport, AL USDA License #: 64-A-1054 A hedgehog has poor eyesight and may fall from wired ramps. Breed Pomeranian Puppy for Sale - Adoption, Rescue. While we wait start making decisions of what type of habitat you would like to use for your quillie buddy. Sex: FemaleColor: Dark Brown Pinto w/ Eyeliners and Mismatched EarsLitter Date: 1/16/23Ready Date: 2/27/23*Sire has odd eyes (heterochromia). We. Both males and females make equally great pets. Website created by The Riddle Brothers. Weve broken down every possible cost so that nothing surprises you! If you are worried about the temperature being too cold then purchase a reptile heat source to keep your hog warm. We are USDA-licensed breeders of friendly, healthy & pedigreed hedgehogs! Will make amazing pets for the family. To adopt any of our babies, please contact us first to confirm availability and request the application password. USDA licensed #52-A-0164 We are USDA licensed # 52-A-0164. Hedgehogs are Illegal in: Georgia, California, Hawaii, New York City, Omaha Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Washington DC. All of our African Pygmy hedgehogs are pedigreed and have been selectively bred for health, temperament, conformation and color. Please feel free to look over our Hedgehogs. Chloe & Leo - $400. Please login to manage saved searches ads. Tumors are most often reported in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract, but they can occur anywhere in the body. Hedgehogs are not a common pet and they are not a perfect pet for just everyone. We specialize in breeding high quality friendly hedgehogs, and. Please call or email to discuss availability and options. ourother petsand are very curious in nature. Our foundation animals have been carefully chosen from some of the finest strains of hedgehogs from hedgehog breeders nationwide. All of our babies come pre-spoiled, and with a health guarantee! We feel that it is important to handle the babies from a young age. Lynchburg, Chesapeake, Campbell County, Fairfax County, Northumberland County, Loudoun County, Winchester, Hanover County, Goldendoodle, North Carolina Winston-Salem, Miniature Dachshund, Tennessee Fayetteville, Hedgehog For Sale in Northumberland County (1), Hedgehog for free with all cages and accessories, Baby Hedgehogs located in Centerville, Virginia. My babies are handled from a young age to ensure the best temperament possible, I handle them daily so they get to know my scents and the touch . Some owners have also reported broken teeth and tongues getting stuck in these types of water bottles. I'm just looking to re-home them, they are c.. 2 females, 1 male. They are so cute!. Herd photos could have been taken some time ago, so please be aware that hedgehogs may look different now than in their herd photos. $75 adoption fee which includes her gently used cage, wheel, water bottle, igloo and food dish. Backyard breeders wont let you see the hedgehogs living conditions, while reputable breeders make conditions well-known. The babies will be . There might not be obvious differences between hedgehogs existing in the wild and the mass produced domestic pets that we know, but given that hedgehogs have been bred in captivity for many generations, its likely that they have enhanced adaptability to the domestic environment because hedgehogs that are nervous around humans wont tend to breed as well as those that do. These attributes may intimidate some people but unlike with porcupines, these short spines are mostly harmless and hedgehogs can be handled taking into consideration their temperament. WE RESPOND TO THE EMAIL ON FILE WITH PAYPAL - MAKE SURE IT IS ACCURATE, This adorable girl will be staying here at Morning Star Hedgehogs. Hedgehogs for sale | Pet hedgehog breeder Meet our tame baby hedgehogs for sale. Another option is converting the Ikea Detolf shelf into a large cage, which requires minimal DIY. Right now I have a male avai. Hedgehogs may require a permit and/or certificate of veterinary inspection in: New Jersey. Housing a hedgehog is not elaborate. Our schedule is tight but we will do our best to put a sweet baby hedgehog in your hands! SALES/SPECIALS ARE LISTED AT THE TOP OF EACH PAGE. Baby Hedgehogs. While you may be able to buy a hedgehog for $100, you also need to house it, feed it, and care for it in several other ways all things that cost you money. Ramona has been retired from breeding and is looking for a new home. Monique S Deposit Paid on 1/28 Waiting for next litters. Our hedgehogs are docile in nature and sociable (considering the average hedgehog's temperament). Backyard breeders cant show genetic histories, while reputable breeders happily will. Each of our hedgies are handled daily. Baby Hedgehogs For Sale - Roanoke, VA All Classifieds > Virginia > Roanoke Search results for "baby hedgehogs" for sale in Roanoke, Virginia View pictures Mega Baby "Boy or Girl" Basket - $65 (Troutville) ..Mega Baby "Boy or Girl" Basket.. 42 diapers newborn 1 baby powder. Babies can leave here at seven weeks of age. Every adult hedgie in my herd is registered with the International Hedgehog Association and Registry. For 1 hog, a 20 inch by 14 inch cage will do well if you take him/her out for exercise time. We started with 2 Hedgehogs and loved them so much we decided to start breeding them, and here we are many years later with many hedgies. Female PLEASE NOTE: 1) All of our hedgehogs are sold locally. In uncommon cases, some hedgehogs may even be available for adoption, so be sure to check small animal rescues or sites like Our herd is on the cutting edge of the latest hedgehog color mutations to the pet trade. Hurry in, sale ends soon! Name Paris Visit the Herd, handle some of the Hedgies and receive comprehensive information to help make your decision. WE NO LONGER SHIP HEDGIES VIA THE AIRLINES 2) Our hedgies are generally between 7-9 weeks old when sold. All rights reserved. Ask to be added to the priority list if you are looking for a baby sooner than anticipated - no additional fee for the priority list. For Sale. :), *These are first time/unproven breeders. Financing & Transportation available if needed! I have three male hedgehogs born 8/2/2022. hedgehogs for sale west virginia Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Lee Adoption fees are based on the age of the hedgehog and all hedgehogs are adopted out with a complete cage set up. Sex: MaleColor: Oak Brown Full MaskLitter Date: 1/16/23Ready Date: 2/27/23, Sex: FemaleColor: Dark Brown Full MaskLitter Date: 1/16/23Ready Date: 2/27/23, Sex: MaleColor: Black Pinto BlazeLitter Date: 12/22/22Ready Date: 2/2/23, Sex: FemaleColor: Brown Partial Badger StripesLitter Date: 12/15/22Ready Date: 1/26/23, Sex: FemaleColor: Dark Brown Classic MaskLitter Date: 11/24/22Ready Date: 1/5/23*Half European import pedigree: +$50 for breeding, Sex: MaleColor:Dark Grey Reverse PintoLitter Date: 11/18/22Ready Date: 12/30/22*Half European import pedigree, Sex: FemaleColor: Dark Brown Teddy Bear Full MaskLitter Date: 1/16/23Ready Date: 2/27/23, Sex: MaleColor: Dark Brown w/ White Jaw & Forehead MarkingLitter Date: 1/16/23Ready Date: 2/27/23. Morning Star Hedgehogs Location: Addison, IL Website: Contact: | (630) 346-5122 Prickle Pack Hedgehogs Location: Palatine, IL Website: Contact: | (224) 800-1322 Indiana CC's Exotic Pets Location: Noblesville, IN Website: We strive to keep this directory current and accurate. We will give you the best purchase experience in Texas, come visit the ranch to choose your baby. Sign up here to receive announcements when new hedgehog babies become available. Please note that animal transport is at the buyers risk. Current fees for our babies $200 to $300 depending upon facial features and quill colors the more rare or unique the higher the price. Variety of colors-Gorgeous light cinnamon, dark cinnamon, pinto. . There is no telling what Mother Nature has in store for us. (Northeast Alabama) I breed healthy and friendly baby hedgehogs that are all priced $150 regardless of color or gender. Older hedgehogs can be found at the bottom of this page, or by clicking here. Comes with water bottle, igloo, silent wheel, tunnel and toys and food dish. Price is negotiableView Detail, Baby hedgehogs male an female AKC registered German Shepherd puppies from .. Baby hedgehogs. Beyond The Treat is an educational website that promotes happy and healthy pet ownership. Unfortunately, hedgehogs are still illegal or restricted in: California. Each of our hedgies are handled daily. Wewere the first USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder in West Virginia and strive for quality, not quantity. Some wheels are offered with holes because hedgehogs tend to use the bathroom while wheel-running which can get very messy. States. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Contacts for pricing. For Sale. Her shots are UTD. Hedgehog prices are based on color, conformation, temperament and sex. ID : Jan Noid45 This can range from around $70 for a normal color or up to $300 for more unique colorations. In the wild a hedgehog may travel miles in search of food so the more exercise time or larger cage the happier hedgehog you will have. Breeding pair of grey sugar gliders she might have joeys in pouch. High-valued food items can be placed in various treat-dispensing apparatuses so that your hedgehog can forge or hunt for it like it would do in the wild. Hedgehogs in Morgantown, West Virginia! Name: Panhandle Exotics Posted: 02/26/2023 Phone: 850-542-4410 Email: Email Seller Location: Florida Website: Trusted Seller Baby Hedgehogs, in store and on sale now! Not related to porcupines, tenrecs, or rodents. Backyard breeders sell their hedgehogs for cheap in local marketplaces, while reputable breeders operate more legitimately with websites, Facebook pages, referrals, etc. Hedgehogs, ON SALE NOW! Centreville, Virginia 7 weeks baby hedgehogs looking for their forever loving home lots of love in time have go.. 1 year old Male African Pygmy hedgehog. Hedgehogs are often referred to the group of pocket pets or small mammals, there is the generically-named African hedgehog, which has become relatively popular for an exotic pet. It is much more probable that the so-called African pygmy hedgehog, of which the name was coined by American breeders, is a domesticated white-bellied hedgehog that could possibly be crossed with a subspecies, as true hybrids tend to have reduced fertility. For more information (in 4 moms with 15 babies that can't be separated yet AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Fifteen years experience. Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming . For fastest response, please text. States. All drink from water bottles and are eating dry cat food. Cloud, . Healthy all accessories and cage are free. Am I allowed to interact with the hedgehog in person first? We are dedicated to producing the best temperament in our babies, along with a diverse set of coloring's and markings. Items that can provide this stimulation include small balls and pine cones. The World's BEST line of Hedgehog foods!!!! Our hedgehogs are docile in nature and sociable (considering the average hedgehog's temperament). They have great personalities and are super sweet!! Full vet records available. For Sale. SALE PRICE, just $199.99, WOW! We will be visiting fellow hedgehog breeder, Grace McKenzie, at her home in Morgantown, WV on August 8, 2012. Heartfelt Hedgehogs is located in Morgantown, WV. Every pet hedgehog purchase come with a free snuggle sack, travel carrier, and extended health warranties and breeder support for the lifetime of the animal. Their discounted prices will reflect their age, temperaments and colors, as well as the lack of health warranty, if applicable. Since most people dont allow their pet hedgehogs to free roam for periods of time, try and accommodate a larger space for them. Hedgehogs are not legal in Hawaii, which has stringent laws against nearly all exotic pets and even strict quarantine requirements for incoming dogs and cats.Hedgehogs are illegal in: Environmentalists worried about hedgehogs escaping into the ecosystem and doing damage need look no further than their neighboring states where the pets are legal and the complete absence of any problems. Hedgehogs, complete cage set included with each! Baby Hedgehogs for sale in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Pets and Animals Morgantown180 A big thank you to Rachel Wagner for sharing this video that she took of our babies with a customer while she picked up her little one July 2010. Please feel free to browse our site for information on us and hedgehogs in general. Hedgehogs for sale $175 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Be sure to give your hedgehog the option of a wheel anyway; the wheel will also need to have the proper width to suit a wider girth and should be at least 12 in diameter. $200. The bottom line is that hedgehogs are illegal in the state of Georgia unless you obtain a permit as referenced in O.C.G.A. These are cool. They are great with kids! Our costs are increasing: as the costs have increased for food and bedding we find that we must slightly adjust our prices as well. Super sweet. Hedgehogs come in different colorations which will cause them to vary in price. Browse search results for white dog Pets and Animals for sale in Kansas. Harinezumi_01 by Yuki Hirano is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Baby Hedgehogs! States. | Sitemap. Please feel free to browse through our web site. Both male and females available! Our growing list of satisfied customers includes: A wonderful group of high white Tobiano Pinto hedgies. Browse photos and descriptions of thousands of West Virginia Hedgehogs pets available right now! 2 Hedgehogs for sale male and femal . The perfect bonding tool to spend stress free time with your hedgie! There is no fee just let us know if you are ready or willing to accept a baby at short notice also, if the baby available does not meet your preferences you are under no obligation to take that animal. Can you provide me with your hedgehogs genetic histories? Maral M Deposit Paid on 1/20 Waiting for next litters. ( Be aware that pictures of adults are very different than babies and while we try to match you to the picture you send sometimes we can only get close) We will do our very best to match you with the perfect bundle of quills! Socialization makes for good pets. The Frenchies are here! If you are interested, please submit a questionnaire, The hedgehogs below have been bred or a breeding has been planned. **Babies and Teens Available! Americanlisted has classifieds in Morgantown, West Virginia for dogs and cats. The bigger the cage, the better. As for any so-called health risks such as Salmonella, they are the same risks we accept with the ownership of common pets, petting zoos, food preparation, and many other unquestioned practices. Our main goal is to produce healthy, happy, sociable hoglets. Another item you may want to include in the cage is a litter box. We are a small hobby breeder of hedgehogs. Be certain you have read and understand our policies before sending in your deposit - and you MUST be over the age of 18. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Are hamsters a good pet? Hedgehogs are solitary and territorial and usually require a cage of their own. Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin . Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming . Financing & Transport available! Unfortunately, cancer is a uniquely prevalent problem in hedgehogs. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we are small hobby breeders. Heartfelt Hedgehogs is located near Fort Ashby, WV. . Heartfelt Hedgehogs is located in Morgantown, WV. USDA licensed #52-A-0164 Heartfelt Hedgehogs is located in Morgantown, WV. *PINTO.INCLUDING OUR FAMOUS HIGH WHITE TOBIANO PINTOS! Real Estate. Only our hegdehogs receive more attention than you! Two sweet Hedgehogs for sale with Cage and everything! I started breeding in 2009 and I breed pet hedgehogs for temperament and health, first and foremost. Filed Under Category: For Sale, Hedgehogs Riddle's Hedgehogs regularly adopts out rescues. Also, use the promo code for an ADDITIONAL 10% off! All of our African Pygmy hedgehogs are pedigreed and have been selectively bred for health, temperament, conformation and color. In this case, weve highlighted a reputable hedgehog shelter where you can adopt a healthy hedgehog. If a board-certified (in exotic mammal medicine) veterinarian is not located in your area, try to find a vet with extensive experience with non-traditional animals. One of the best ways to provide enrichment for any animal is to make them work for their food. more Expectant moms due This week. Hedgehog Supplies High protein cat food is another option owners use with their hedgehogs. Hedgehogs For Sale: African Pygmy Hedgehogs and Long-Eared Hedgehogs Address: 2591 CR 137 Gatesville, Texas 76528 Phone: 254-499-2003 (Mimi) Email: mimi@dragonstoneranch.c om Website: Price: Visit Hedgehogs For Sale page on their website for more information Be careful to not over feed your hog. Hedgehogs are generally hardy healthy animals. In addition to tumors of the mouth, hedgehogs can get dental disease which can lead to or exasperate other health problems. Scoop the hedgehog from underneath its soft belly and reward when the animal uncurls itself to explore without defensive actions. Their backs are covered with prickly spines called quills, and their bellies are soft and furry. Ask about our Hedgie 101 Sessions. People on the list are contacted in the order the deposit is received to select from available hoglets. We hope you will gain some knowledge to help you get to know these prickly guys and determine if they would fit into your family. We will be visiting fellow hedgehog breeder, Grace McKenzie, at her home in Morgantown, WV on August 8, 2012. We are now accepting deposits for hoglets ready to leave in the Spring of 2023. please fill out this questionnaire to begin the process. Some states dont even have a dedicated hedgehog shelter. I don't check emails as often. Choosing a wire cage will provide adequate ventilation. Before bringing home a Hedgehog, make sure you have . Hand raised by us, the hedgehog experts! African pygmy hedgehogs are also exposed to humans from a young age likely making them tamer than a true wild animal. Hedgehogs will roll into a ball when scared and can attempt to prick you when being defensive, but properly tamed pets will be inquisitive and friendly. Healthy all accessories and cage are free. Remember, you should only buy a hedgehog from a reputable breeder, not a backyard breeder. . We are a small-scale hedgehog breeder located in Cross Junction, VA. We're currently deciding how will be best to list these items once we migrate to our domain. However, there are a few ways you can tell them apart: Weve come up with 9 questions that you should ask a potential breeder before purchasing a hedgehog from them. IOWA Hawkeye Hedgies Jacksonville, Florida. We are also COLOR BREEDERS of Hedgehogs! May I see your hedgehogs living conditions? I am a hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Memphis, TN. Giving away free hedgehog. Password protected pedigrees can be found here. perdita weeks disability 2020, lois smith daughter,