You cant hear all that stuff. So when you get a chance to get to get a chance to meet him. I went over today. And thats when it all began. Its either or its either or, I mean, thats where we have allowed ourselves to get, there has to be a wake up. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. They put the Patriot Street Fighter logo right into the metal. Good to have you folks. This week's Expert is Scott McKay, former competitive bodybuilder turned wellness industry entrepreneur whose life passions led him to the political arena! Learn What NESARA/GESARA is HERE. Pay Just S&H For Most Items! This just came today? These people are full on leftists, and for a businessman and hes its hard for me to withhold the milk post pussy wareness sisters skinny jeans, because you know what I respect I respect you have to be tough guy. And thats great. Yeah, hes definitely a street fighter, obviously. Never say graduate school. So Ill get some more information about that those of you who are in Maryland, or New Jersey, certainly pa New York and the surrounding states, if you want to come to spend that weekend or two days, I guess Ill be there with Franny, Francine and Alan upfront in the prophetic, talk about that event coming up. I was just asked to an my I cant think of Mikes name shoots out of shadows. So make sure you take that into account. I know right there in Hawaii, on Dell, big trees, the high wire show yesterday, they showed the police in Hawaii attacking a family. It was actually called a reduction in force. Kind of like it this way, though. Same thing you know, its got to be up over here. And your job, like any sheriff in the country, and Im including shares is to protect the people. Its really simple I always business or otherwise, whats the motivation here? If it gets to be something like that. So Karens. Everythings good. So um, they so the you know, Karen attack dog Karen. Im going to get a better one soon. Chicago Inmates Sound the ALARM - SICK Plot to Influence Mayoral Election EXPOSED! These cookies do not store any personal information. Let's Break the Censorship Together, Opt in and Spread the Word! And so, and then then I gave that talk persecution and cover up where I realized that the journals you know, the the propaganda that our scientific journals, and and Fauci was in control of the whole puppet game, hes hes as hes the little man behind the curtain beaten up a girl, like an old lady and a dog dodo, you know, or Dorothy and the dog, you know, the little man with no Kahuna is you know, really, you know, 22:51 Theyre great up there thats all thats in my wheelhouse for the moment. So were, you know, were I get on the you know, some blonde lady cant see her because shes got that blue toxic against prop 65. unlawful mask on actually. So this goes on, I sit down. Its revolution dot radio. You want to find how because I get this all the time in the threads if I see him. Patriot Street Fighter; Military So my thesis said that HIV was actually latent in monocytes, that the T cell wasnt the target for drug therapy as Tony Fauci had pushed for the previous decade. So thats just a little bit for you to understand. Theyre using this COVID bio weapon attack, to hurt us into the pen. And if we have a strike coming our way Believe me This is the lady that could deliver one very fast because YouTube does not give her any quarter at all because she is certainly dangerous to them. no no were cool other locations but as for me oh, 1:15:39 So I depend on this website for bringing in revenue to keep the site going and also to live. And that solution is this. Just like the yellow vest. They know Im right. And, and theres no concern whatsoever for safety, Im, Im dumb enough, naive enough, whatever you want to say, to write a letter to the Washington Post, after our bosses demand we do in any way when we complain, and I say, you know, heres what theyre doing over at the National Cancer Institute, who knew who knew that the Washington Post didnt care about anything? BANNED AND CENSORED ON YOUTUBE, TWITTER, LINKEDIN AND INSTAGRAM Of course I wouldnt whatever do for the show. Its enough of this bullshit. For all of the latest conservative political news that is happening in the United States and also the world please check out videos on rumble, bitchute, or brighteon. Shipping Policy About Q Gear; Shop. It is very IMPORTANT to stipulate if your donation is to go toward the Tour as I am fully funding and controlling the PSF brand and message.This operation has survived on the donations of our PSF army and for I am try grateful. This is where people like you become prominent on patriot Street Fighter. And they know Im not talking about them. Your Browser Does Not Support iframes!Your Browser Does Not Support iframes! As my friend Danny hasty, Atreus streetfighter, put that, put it in in, put it right inside, you can actually get these things up. interjected word in there about Fauci scumbag folks. Just so you know, if you dont hear anything, when I have my headset on, Im hearing whats going on on stage. So I pull out my iPhone, I turn it on, and I start drying to tape whats going on on that airplane. Lets say you go to the channel that you were on the last show and youre like, Hey, whats going on? By the way, Dallas, just so you know, there is an event in on the tour on the weekend of Memorial Day weekend here in Dallas. Anybody can get physical. This tour, were up over 100 grand that happened in about a week. Follow Conspiracy Music Guru Here. Now were never bullshit. Everybody has a perspective, I had mine, Ive learned that the drops in the Intel always had a multi year Delta. Post by @Cynthia85345839. Now. And of course, most of if not First, we often cave in because they want to career. When you walk in the door. Its forgotten country accepted. Thats the signs that that I saw many years later because I dont know who Fauci is. Because if ours pick up if our donations pick up, and I cant tell if its strictly because of that, or because thats a day, we will not announce fundraising, if ours pick up and theres drop off. Ill take it, give it to me. So shes laying on his lap. This structure is a murder machine. - Strengthens Anti-Bacterial Defenses. Because its these. Theyre at least not dangerous. Please Help Support BeforeitsNews by trying our Natural Health Products below! For the Latest Palbulletin posts please visit: Want to know what General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Patrick Byrne and others are posting on social media? say i didnt say you know who you talking to bitch but in sheet one a guy with to mask on and you know is already in the seat and im looking around me in it and think about it ive already gotten on the plane youre in a bit in an airport everybody wants to get to their flight and get on the plane first class all lined up theyre all getting on the plane they want to get their drinks and it occurs to me nobody gets on behind me as she comes down the aisle after me and when and when the gate agent said my name wrong and i said mike of ids you know and they got the and i got the hat on i didnt have the i do not comply button but i got the we the people red hat on and it occurs to me oh no this just isnt happening and and she said youre not wearing that mask and i said barred me i said oh yes i am and i said this mask was given to me by my doctor for my medical condition none of the master our fda or anything approved in fact thats the most toxic rescue could wear im on my way to it i just keep talking and she said ms and i said dr mike of it and and you do not have a medical degree you are not a medical professional you have no authority whatsoever to tell me what to wear and and i sat down and and shes like and she came with one of these she went back up and she got there goes king. So that weekend, we will be having an event here in Dallas on the tour. phonons can be thought of as quantized sound waves, similar to photons as quantized light waves. So make sure you look very clearly at where youre donating. Not for wearing a mask, but for wearing the right mask, the medically approved mask that wasnt the same as everybody else on the plane who had non medically approved masks and were worthless in basically cancer concerts. So we have a call man. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The weakest person. its alright come on into were on the were on the radio here come say hi, 1:07:02 Send us a message on Facebook. Unless youre right there. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Whats the motivation? Heres where it gets interesting. Patriot Streetfighter - Scott McKay. - Must Video. But, you know, fortunately, you know, I was I was in the program, I always I started June I, I lost the job that I started purifying interferon in fermentation chemistry. Hes from the Philly area. And then they get their people out there to sell it to us that, you know, people I heard it and again, from a business perspective, I heard this before, lifes not a dress rehearsal. And so I sit there the whole time and Im talking just as Im jogging. Send us a message on Facebook. And we would watch them take these toxic drugs and theyre doing anything knowing, you know, Fauci is a murder. Read About All Possible Detoxing Options HERE. And so thats thats what you have to do when youre going to doctors conference, you wont get MD committed continuing medical education if theyre anything but science. So in that now thats just mail and letters. he would try that move on me if he was going to remove me from the airplane. Want to share news with us? Theyre not like boom, heaven. Okay, so that just gives you kind of an idea, the kind of stuff that the things that I see, and try to figure out where it fits. I said man thats why were here but you know well help you carry your stuff out to your your your vehicle. And we start having this conversation. Enjoy. Just had a conversation. In fact, hes going to pick up the gas, and the hotels for me. Hell, thats it. The initial indicators are were going to get this thing funded. X22 Report Episode 3011: They will Need to Expose their Plan, Sacrificed Public Trust Just to Get Rid of Trump - March 02 2023 Im not going anywhere Dont you dare touch me and dont you judge my phone is as the other one whos behind me the all only all way and all I can see is that hes got dark hair and they get on this plane and and so he I start until finally he comes to attack me And I unbuckle my seatbelt and I say Im getting up, you know and and he grabbed me by the left arm and Im wearing this jacket, by the way, almost is exactly what I got on a professional. 26:57 He is also the creator of the Patriot Streetfighter podcast where the very first episode explaining the military operation behind the 2020 Presidential Election put him into YT censoring stardom as it went viral worldwide. Theres a film thats going to be made and its being made for God and country. I think thats where the religious order the satanist gun control, the religious order made us believe. The information warfare, the misinformation coming out, the infiltrators into what we call the Patriot movement are the truth or is that its kind of a strange name. Soon as like the back of the door downstairs past the same person. We havent forgot about you, you know, were focused here at home, were going to get this done here. 51:05 And and and showing the safety of the silver and the silver copper. You send them. Go ahead and hit me with it. Scott McKay is the host/creator of "The Tipping Point" on Revolution.Radio in Studio B on Monday's @ 8-10pm EST. So hes telling the general, you know, had three of these knocked out over the weekend. But you know, the Patriot Street Fighter Glock is the pretty attractive product. The strongest person is always used in their brain is like that, like in a room, the person that knows the least they know what the loudest, right? And hes in Missouri. This is the slow part of humanity, food medicine. I was going to get into this every time Im like, sure that take its in a cellophane go upstairs. They screw by call Overwatch, they dont dont do all my work for me. By probably like 95% to five or less probably way less than that. Believe me I get it sounds crazy. Thats what I mentioned, I hung around geeks and people that were you know, these kinds of people, because this is where the power is. He did not on me like not because if he would have theres nothing he would have he wouldnt have said anything because he discredited himself in a terrible way for him totally discredited somebody who I had respect for but everything he said its like oh really go back over a year watch every tipping point radio show that I turned into a video go back to the first live stream watch them all Guess what? Spurlock. Well, youre wearing a mask, youre breathing in co2 and youre capturing those toxic fumes. So wait a minute, now youre parading and twist my arm in the handcuffs so that every time they touch the handcuffs, you know if Im trying not to I was trying not to scream but you would scream in voluntarily they hurt that bad is and I have no idea if hes broken my arm at that point, or not my left arm so were you know, so he marches me out up the ramp area, you know, as if I dont have a mask on and I havent obeyed the rules. Im like, okay, so since I get up here, so I get on the jetway, pull down here, come on the plane. animals like fowl gr and and you know keep us clued in to whats going on well certainly have you back again down the road and thanks for all of your time and thanks for your warrior spirit, 1:15:11 So yeah, I made the product we got it done with with my boss at the time and, and a couple weeks later, I got fired from that job. is always the one the weakest one wants to use physical force, right? Because now that I got these law enforcement officers coming to me privately, and I will keep everybodys identities private, you come to me, well come together. starfall email and password,